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    Quant Programmes with solid bases in Behavioural Finance

    Princeton does have a behavioral finance course. Look here: http://www.princeton.edu/bcf/graduate/elective/ FIN 568: Behavioral Finance Traditional economics and finance typically use the simple "rational actor" model, where people perfectly maximize, and efficient financial markets. We will...
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    COMPARE Columbia MFE vs Berkeley MFE

    I would go to Berkeley. The career services there are top notch and having a 6 month internship before you begin will make you an even more attractive candidate. They have had strong placements even for candidates with little work experience.
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    COMPARE Princeton or MIT for Master in Finance?

    I was responding to your quote that "Goldman hires plenty of MFins... you've also got Bain, McKinsey, BCG hiring from MIT." Each of those companies only hires about 1 MFin a year.
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    COMPARE Princeton or MIT for Master in Finance?

    just fyi: in 2013 Mckinsey, Bain, and BCG each only hired 1 analyst from MIT MFin out of a class of 124. I don't have the numbers for 2013 but in 2012 and 2011, only 1 was hired each year at GS out of a class of around 70. 2013...
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    COMPARE Princeton or MIT for Master in Finance?

    I think even ignoring the salaries and just looking at the roles themselves, it is clear that Princeton places a significant portion of their class at top places ( AQR, GS,Citadel, Bridgewater, JPM,etc.). Also at Princeton, you can get free housing your second year as a grad RA and you can earn...
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    COMPARE Princeton or MIT for Master in Finance?

    I was accepted to MIT with the 25K dean fellowship, Berkeley MFE, and to Princeton as well. If you're interested in getting the strongest placement possible then Princeton should be an easy choice. The opportunity for internship and the strength of the career services combined with its small...
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    MIT MFin Interviews for MIT MFin Fall 2014 Entrance

    I didn't notice anything in the letter but I haven't really looked through the admit website since I do not plan to attend.
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    MIT MFin Interviews for MIT MFin Fall 2014 Entrance

    I received a call this morning at around 8:50 AM EST. They told me I was admitted with the Dean's Fellowship.
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    UCB MFE 2nd Round interview for 2015-2016 program

    I had a 2nd interview with Linda and she told me that I was admitted.
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    Review of Princeton Master in Finance program

    You will probably have to wait until April 15 since that is the deadline for admitted students to accept the offer.
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    yes i got it about 2 hours ago via email!

    yes i got it about 2 hours ago via email!
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    Columbia MFE Columbia MFE Interview

    just got the invite!
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    Applied Math/Econ from US News top 20 interview email on 2/5
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    MIT MFin

    interview invite on 1/21 Received phone call and Accepted with 25K Fellowship
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    Princeton MFin

    interview invite on 1/2 Accepted with 11K Fellowship