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  • Hello Pranjal,
    I am applying for MFE programs and considering NYU as an option. I wanted from you a comparison with other similar programs at CMU and Baruch with respect to coursework, faculty and career options. Also I need to know what is the single most differentiating factor in choosing NYU over other universities?
    Hey buddy, I am applying for bharuch and columbia ms in financial engineering course. could you tell me what should I write in my essay or give me a review of my essay if i send it to id is in advance
    I see you got into Columbia and NYU! Congrats on that as well. Any idea where you'll be attending next year?
    Looks like NYU till now. I'm still waiting for CMU. What about you? Where are you headed?
    Accepted Princeton. Really excited about it. Let me know what you decide. Good luck. Can't go wrong with NYU, program seems awesome.
    Hi K,

    can you give a breakdown of your credentials/numbers/etc? Thanks
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