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    Hello everyone, I'm a FE student at Poly

    It's the pure mathematic at the first half of the semester and then applied to financial in the second half of the semester. This is the good course but I can't understand it well. I'm not sure that are there any student from another field attend this class. As I knew, most of them are FE...
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    Hello everyone, I'm a FE student at Poly

    First of all, I should say that "the following will be my opinions" about the experiences I had from the first semester at poly. And my English might not so well. This is my first time study abroad. I'm very impressed by Professor Blecherman who is teaching in Economic foundation in finance...
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    Cost of living in NYC- a break down

    If you don't mind stay a little bit far away from Manhattan. Bensonhurst is the area I recommended. I am staying in that area. I think, this area looks safe to stay and more over it's cheap. I'm a student and I pay rental cost for my room for around 500$ per month.
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    Hello everyone, I'm a FE student at Poly

    I would like to say "hi" to everyone for second time. It has been a while since I registered to be the member of Quantnet community. I'm a FE student of polytechnic university which you can call NYU-poly for now. I'm so glad to be a little part of Quannet community. It should be great to share...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hello everyone, My nickname is Mo. I am prospective student for MFE program at Polytechnic University in this fall 2008. I graduated from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Thailand in Computer Engineering field. Also, I got master's degree from the same university in Information...