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Hello everyone, I'm a FE student at Poly

I would like to say "hi" to everyone for second time. It has been a while since I registered to be the member of Quantnet community. I'm a FE student of polytechnic university which you can call NYU-poly for now. I'm so glad to be a little part of Quannet community. It should be great to share knowledge with each other. Thank you so much and see you around.
Like to share with us impressions about the program at Poly? Are you satisfied? How was the first semester? Which courses you took? Any programming? Class size?
First of all, I should say that "the following will be my opinions" about the experiences I had from the first semester at poly. And my English might not so well. This is my first time study abroad.
I'm very impressed by Professor Blecherman who is teaching in Economic foundation in finance class. He is the best teacher among other classes I had at poly and he is the among the best teachers I ever had. Since I switched my study field from computer science to financial engineer, this education seems to be a whole new world to me. I picked 2 class about the basic things in finance and economic and one class in mathematics. The mathematics class seems to be hard for me because I didn't prepare well for that class.
I could tell you that last semester poly accepted so many students. Each class hold around 30-40 students except for the mathematics class that hold around 100 in the big hall. They already fixed that in the next semaster by seperated the mathematics class into two groups. For that mathematics class, professor taught us to use R to simulate and learn about mathematical models and methods.
Again, those are my opinions for my first semester.
I really appreciate to answer and help as much as I could to everyone here. Hopefully that one day I could become the good quants. If anyone has suggestions for me, please do that.
I am just wondering why Mathematics class has 100 students compared to other classes. Do lot of other students(Non-FE) take this course? Is it a pure Math or Finance related course?
It's the pure mathematic at the first half of the semester and then applied to financial in the second half of the semester. This is the good course but I can't understand it well. I'm not sure that are there any student from another field attend this class. As I knew, most of them are FE students. I don't know about collaboration between us and Courant right now. My friends told me that we could register some course in NYU since we already merged together. Another thing is coming little by little such as Library, courses, and research. The coming semester poly will have some new professors to teach both new courses and former courses. I think, our department are trying to improve our program. You can check at www.poly.edu website for more details. Oh I would like to add details about the grading here in case that some people might not know that. There's no A-,A+,B+,B-, they will give you A, B C or F. I'm not sure that is it the same to others?
Again, if you have any question or advice, please tell me. I think, even though your course is the best course, you still have to learn more from outside. I really feel that our community is very good for both current and prospective quants.