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  • Hi,

    I see you mark NYU as your final destination. I am going there as well. Could you leave a method for contact?
    Hey, congrats on getting into Columbia MathFin! I also applied to the program, and have not heard back yet. How did they contact you? Via e-mail or something else? I was wondering if may there was a way to check your admit status on their application site. Thanks!
    They sent me an email telling me to check the application site. As I've learnt, there is no point to compulsively check the site every few hours because it won't update until the email is sent. Regardless, you can check it by logging in, clicking on "Application for Graduate Admission", Downloadable Forms, Application Status. Good luck!
    CN Chen
    CN Chen
    Thanks for the info!
    Hi there,

    I saw that your admitted to UofT mmf, congrats!!! If not too much trouble, can you let me know how the interview went and what you guys did in those 3 hours? Was there a written test on maths, stats, etc?


    I wouldn't worry that you haven't heard anything. The university has probably been closed these past two weeks. If you go to the application online where you submitted, you can see under 'Review Process Status' that it should be pending.

    Good luck!
    Hi Letangke,

    I believe you applied for the Columbia MFE program .
    I also applied for the same program but i have not received any email from them confirming that my application is complete or is under review.

    Would appreciate if you can let me know whether u received any email from them after the app submission . ?

    Thanks in advance
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