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  • Hi Prateek..
    was just goin through lotsa threads regarding MSOR at Columbia, where saw ur participation. Assuming, probably u pursued some similar course in US.
    I just got an admit from Columbia for MSOR.. and need to decide asap.. just wanted some insight if u hav e clue abt the course qaulity, the placements and career services.. ne chances of moving to MSFE ?
    it'll be great if you could help me with this

    thanks :)
    I have decided on my final list of universities. I got 112 in TOEFL and 4.5 in analytical writing along with my 1430 in GRE (800q+630v).
    Also as some universities consider UG math grades I have got 75+ (80+ in some) out of 100 in all my maths exams which is very good for Mumbai University students.

    Final List -

    1) Univ of California, Berkeley
    2) Stanford (MS&E program)
    3) GaTech
    4) Penn State
    5) VTech
    6) UMich, Ann Arbor
    7) Cornell
    8) Columbia
    9) Texas A&M
    10) NCSU
    11) NYU (Financial Mathematics Program)
    12) Boston University (Financial Mathematics Program)
    13) Rutgers (Financial Mathematics Program)

    All the universities mentioned without any programs are for MS in Operations Research (OR) !
    Please give me a final evaluation of my list considering my GRE and TOEFL scores, work experience and extracurricular work. I have started applying so it would be of great help

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