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    Is UC Berkeley still good option?

    I am curious with all the commotion going on at Berkeley, whether people still consider that as a good option. Every time I hear of things burning down, I wonder as back then students had to be in labs all day and night considering the program is only about 9 months. Also if someone is...
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    Self employment on resume

    I work at a firm full time doing finance stuff but I also have my own trading company which I identify myself with. (there is no conflict of interest here, just different kind of finance) Now I am looking for other non-finance projects and people ask me for my resume. I don't want to identify...
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    The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers

    There is nothing like final call. The scary part of any discussion is to scare the fence sitters away cause people who love it will do it anyways.
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    The Interview (2014) movie

    Did anyone get to see the unofficial release (read "anonymous") of the movie ? I like them seeing on big screens but this one can be worth while to watch on laptop considering all the attention the good and bad guys have given to it. I am not sure who is good and bad though. I don't want to get...
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    Sales Trader Commission at Hedge Funds

    This question is for senior recruiters and other experienced people in industry I suppose. I am curious as to what is the commission of sales trader at hedge funds working solely on commission. Does he get x% of profit or does he take certain percent of capital he helps bring in ? How does it...
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    Who actually uses econometrics?

    Used in algorithmic trading job for about 2 years day in and day out. Still do in electricity trading but not as much. But not just econometrics but machine learning as well.
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    Seeking advice regarding buying a new workstation

    Hey guys, I am going to use microsoft sql server for tick data manipulation. But I don't want to spend $3000 for buying some exotic workstation. However, I do need something more than regular PC. What kind of configuration do you recommend ? Currently I have a quad core, 8MB laptop and it often...
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    Risk Management Question

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    Risk Management Question

    This is a general question especially for Prof. @Ken Abbott. On a prop desk, how is the risk management done for doomsday scenario. E.g. do people consider cases like NYC being hit by another terrorist attack like they have in movies, etc. How do you manage that ? Regards
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    Dear Quant Gurus !! SOS

    So you started MBA program without knowing what you were getting into ? What makes you think that you are not doing the same with MFE ? Just liking solving a couple of books from MFE program doesn't mean that you will love your real quant life. At one point you seem to be distraught about MBAs...
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    High IQ problem

    If IQ score was of any value or had any correlation with $$ wouldn't wall st firms and funds be already testing candidates for their IQ. I don't know of any recruiter that does it and don't know of any successful individual who got themselves tested. Don't confuse bull market with being a genius.
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    Trading as a corporation

    Taxes. All my trades are short term.
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    Trading as a corporation

    I am sure a lot of people are day trading on this forum. Does anyone have experience registering as an LLC and hence trading under the corporation's name ?
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    Pg. 51 of Green Book (correlation among 3 variables)

    My problem is not how to solve it but the solution in the Green Book using cos(theta) = 0.8 seems incorrect to me as I do not agree that angle between two vectors can be decided by correlation between them as has been assumed in the solution.
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    Pg. 51 of Green Book (correlation among 3 variables)

    The question is: 3 random variables x, y, z. Correlation between x and y is 0.8 and between x and z is 0.8. Find maximum and minimum correlation between y and z. I don't think we have sufficient information for solving this. All correlation does is provides us information about linear relation...