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  • Hi Sanket, i need your help.
    im currently doing a degree in financial engineering and im looking for an interesting topic to write on in my thesis any ideas?
    Hi Sanket I have done B.Com from NM College Mumbai. I have given CA Final exam as well. I want to join FSU for the MS in FinMath program. Could u tell me whether I would fit in because of a Commerce degree? I had one yr of Math and 2 yrs of Programming in my B.Com. REALLY need ur help Sanket Patel
    Hi Sanket Patel.
    I am from Pune, India.
    I am going to join MS in Financial Mathematics program at FSU in Fall-2015.
    I want to know about this program at FSU in terms of it's teaching quality and placements and overall hoe the program is.
    It would be really helpful for me if you could let me know the information.

    Thank you.
    That is something you'll have to decide on your own. You first should consider what exactly it is that you want to achieve then worry about whether CQF is the right choice.
    hi sanket

    i am from India, work with a corporate treasury. I am CA and CFA by qualification. Do You think CQF make sense for people who want to acheive efficiency on pricing and valuation
    Hi Sanket,

    can you send me your email backchannel to communicate about the homework for 9821. I will send you a private message with my address.

    Yes, smp04c is user name on Global Derivatives. As far as I know, I'm the only student who has been allowed to transfer into the Baruch program.
    Are you the same person to smp04c at Global-derivatives? If not, are there any BU students' transferring to Baruch ?
    I am not at BU right now. I'm currently at Baruch. There is absolutely no way cost of the BU program can be justified. As for the degree being respectable, I'm inclined to say no. But a better gauge of the degree is how well it prepares you for the industry, not necessarily the prestige of the degree.

    Either way though, the BU math finance program is a complete waste.
    Hi Sanket Patel. I see some of your posts about Boston University, and I guess you are now at BU. I also got admission to this program and still decide if I really want to go there. Is it worth to spend a lot of money for the program at BU. Also, if I aim to work at Singapore or Hong Kong, Would the degree at BU be respectable?
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