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Todd Fahey
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  • Dear Todd,
    my name is Mary. I am a sophomore in one college in Illinois.I want to become a financial engineer.I double major in math and computer science,and I am going to get a minor in economy. I am planning to transfer to a more prestigious university. But it's difficult to find a college that can offer all these degrees. So, my question is if I have to choose one degree, which one should I choose?
    Hie Sir. I have graduated with a Masters in Operations Research and Bsc Hons Applied Mathematics from NUST, Zimbabwe. How can I get into Quant Analysts profession. Have very good computing and statistical analysis skills. Currently working as an assistant lecturer.
    Hi Todd, I am doing my master's in statistics at Stanford first year. I am looking for a summer intern that relate to portfolio and trading. My focus for this year study is statistical learning and data mining. Can you help or suggest me where can I find those such internship? Thanks much.
    Todd Fahey
    Todd Fahey
    Sorry, but I have no connectivity to internships. Your best route would be to contact your career assistance office.
    I am just starting a MFE program and am getting into systematic trading. I am having a hard time deciding what classes to take. I want to make sure that I am specialized for a systematic trading position. I was wondering if you would give advice on what classes to take.
    Todd Fahey
    Todd Fahey
    Feel free to contact me at my work email Thanks.

    Todd Fahey

    Executive Director, Global Head - Quantitative Strategies Practice

    Sheffield Haworth, inc.


    312 283 8355 W

    312 385 0344 C
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