Rutgers University Financial Statistics and Risk Management program

Rutgers University Financial Statistics and Risk Management program

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The MS in Financial Statistics and Risk Management (FSRM) at Rutgers University is a highly competitive STEM-designated program that attracts top students from around the United States and the world. The 10-course 30 credit program is designed to be completed in 3 semesters.

Established in 2011, the FSRM program is among the earliest quant programs to introduce financial data science. The FSRM program is designed to be at the intersection of Data Science, Quantitative Finance, and Financial Risk Management. This versatility gives our graduates a wide set of skills that make them eligible to take a wide selection of jobs in quantitative finance and banking upon graduation, both in the front office and the middle office. Our alumni have found positions in trading, derivatives, financial risk management, and data science & analytics. Some of our earliest graduates have been hired as data scientists at top tech firms.

Among the unique characteristics of enrolling in the Rutgers FSRM program is the ability to take elective graduate courses in our sister programs: The Rutgers Mathematical Finance program, Rutgers Quantitative Finance program, and the MS in Data Science program. In addition, Rutgers graduate students are eligible to participate in the Princeton-Rutgers Exchange Program. Given the above, its proximity to New York City and Rutgers’ nearly 500,000 alumni, the FSRM program has a unique value proposition among quant programs in the US.

Career Development: The program has established the Office of Professional Programs that is dedicated to the professional development and career advancement of FSRM students as well as to building corporate relationships with potential employers. The office is led by two Wall Street veterans with decades of combined experience. The Office of Professional Programs offers highly specialized professional development services that include resume workshops, one-on-one career strategy sessions, interview preparation and exclusive internship and full-time job postings. For International students, FSRM is a day-1 CPT program that allows foreign students the ability to take a relevant internship(s) as soon as they join the program without having the need to wait a full academic year. Make sure to sign up for one of our information sessions to learn more.

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Latest reviews

The professors at the programs are great. They have been the experts in the field and they are able to explain complicate knowledge in a plain way. The directors at the program is so friendly and help, as they have been trying their best to help students to look for jobs. Even after you graduate, whenever you need help, they are there for you. Highly recommend this program and appreciate all the help I received!
I am always grateful with my studying experience at FSRM program, because the knowledge l learned here is exactly what is used in my career. From classical statistics inference to the modern data analysis techniques like machine learning, the courses almost include all fundamental techniques that are prevalent for decades in the financial risk management field, as well as some innovation aspects in the banking industry; From the real world probability measure learned in the regression and time series analysis, to the risk neutral probability measure introduced in stochastic process, the probability models enable me to analysis the world from both backward looking and forward looking.

I think the meaning of FSRM is not limited to my career path development, but also a such wonderful journey and life experience that allows me to wandering around different techniques to interpret data and explore the truth.
The FSRM program at Rutgers helps me a lot to dive deep into the field of financial statistics and risk management and has given me an incredible experience to become a quantitative risk analyst.

The curriculum covers all key dimensions of financial statistics and risk management with an emphasis on real-world financial data analysis and applications. The professional services benefit a lot of students to get their first U.S experience in financial technology, brokerage and banking industries. The practitioner seminar invites outstanding
professionals from the industry, providing a good opportunity for us to learn practical applications and to network with potential employers. Some courses are instructed by the best industrial practitioner on Wall Street (2018 Buy-side quant of the year), demonstrating to us how statistical theories are applied in buy-side investment and risk management. Practical projects, real-world case studies, opportunities to talk with outstanding alumni and various workshops about financial theory, all keep students ahead of the curve and closely in tune with changing financial markets. The close-knit FSRM community always give me the feeling of being at home and supported.
I'm a graduate of May 2019 from FSRM. This program is truly awesome, every course is helpful and necessary for you to become a young profession in quant, especially in the field of risk management. The disadvantages are that you can only take 10 or 11 courses due to the two-year time limit, you have to make choices on what to take away from there.