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SMU Quantitative Finance program

SMU Quantitative Finance program

SGD 38,000
to be completed.
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Latest reviews

SMU MQF has a broad coverage of skills and knowledges needed in the quantitative finance field. Modules are useful, interesting and provide a good foundation for any master students.

However, if you are thinking of using SMU MQF to spring board into Singapore as a quant related analyst, then you might be in for a disappointment. The numbers of quant roles in Singapore are limited and without any experience and relationship, it is almost impossible to secure a role.

Having said that, if you are pursuing the degree for extra knowledge, I highly encourage you to consider SMU MQF as it is a good course and I highly recommend it.
SMU MQF has just graduated its first cohort this August. While there were some administrative hiccups, as one might expect in a new program, the combined faculty from SMU and Cass Business School had provided a solid education for many students.

Personally, I made a successful transition from a qualitative background into an quantitative role at an oil major. All in all, it was time and money well spent over the past one year.