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Boston MSMFT About the MSMF program at BU Questrom

The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (MSMF) at Boston University Questrom School of Business is a 17 month full time program which offers a comprehensive understanding of modern finance in conjunction with the analytical and computational tools of stochastic calculus and optimization theory.
With the program constantly reinventing itself to meet the growing demands of financial services supported by finest scholars from the industry as faculty members, students here are fully equipped to thrive wherever they set their sights: from investment banks to hedge funds to financial technology companies.
The program offers an opportunity to complete a summer internship at a leading company in Boston and specialize in any one of the four concentrations, namely, Asset Management, Quantitative Analytics, Risk Management and Analytics and Research.
Students from the program go on to become quantitative developers and analysts, portfolio and data analysts and risk modelers in leading financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, State Street and Deutsche Bank.
We encourage applicants from all backgrounds—not just business—to apply to Questrom.
Applications received by November 14 will be considered for our first round of applications (decision by December 7 ) and those received by December 12 will be considered for the second round (decision by March 15)
You can get more information about the MSMF program at Master of Science in Mathematical Finance, Questrom School of Business. Please feel free to reach out to us at msmf@bu.edu with any questions or to current students at connect@bu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!

More Information
  • The Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (MSMF) is not for the faint of heart. This three-semester, 17-month program attracts ambitious students who are ready to take on a rigorous curriculum.
  • At Boston University Questrom School of Business, we’re defining the future of finance.
  • MSMF students are prone to collaboration, are highly motivated, and consider themselves global citizens.
  • 96 % seeking internship accepted an offer (Class of 2017), 96% offer accepted rate (Class of 2017)
  • Our alumni work for dynamic companies and organizations in major cities around the world.
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  • Innovate@BU is a university wide initiative meant to create the environment in which all our students can engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.