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NYU Tandon MFE An announcement from Finance & Risk Engineering, NYU Tandon

To the Quantnet community,
The following announcement was sent to our stakeholders earlier today:
Dear Students, Faculty, Alumni, and Staff,​
Please join me in welcoming Nizar Touzi, our newly appointed FRE Department Chair, effective September 1, 2023.​
Nizar Touzi was a full Professor at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, the most prestigious engineering school in France. Throughout Nizar’s career, he took various responsibilities in the department of applied mathematics, in particular as a chair for a three-year term, and at the school level as head of the Ph.D. program. Nizar was also head of the financial mathematics research group and was also in charge of one of the most challenging master's degree programs in financial mathematics.​
He has written to us: “I am thrilled to join the family, and I hope that I can contribute to the team to build more challenges and to bring the program level even higher. I wish you all a great experience with us, and I am looking forward to meeting you on campus in person.”​
On behalf of the faculty and staff of NYU Tandon FRE, I ask that you join us in providing Nizar with a warm welcome. We are all thrilled that Nizar is joining our team.​
Barry Blecherman​
Interim Chair, FRE
The Google Scholar page for Prof. Touzi can be found here: