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Initial Screening at MFE Programs?

Any ideas on how MFE programs do some initial screening on applications? Considering that some top programs receive 650+ applications each year, it seems unlikely that they would look at the personal statement, recs, resume of all the candidates.

I have heard that some places may sort candidates based on grades in required Math courses, GRE scores etc and several candidates may be initially screened away based on this sorting. Then possibly the top 100-200 candidates are given serious consideration and the admission committee reads their statements, recs etc. Could there be some initial screening/sorting process like this in some schools?

I don't have good grades in some of the required Math classes (mostly Bs) and am therefore concerned that I may be sorted out in the initial stages.
I have done well in some grad courses in finance and econometrics. I also have a research paper in time series econometrics. Is there anything I can do to increase the chances of the committee actually looking at my statement, recs? Should I, for example, try emailing my research paper to some faculty member on the admission committee?

Thanks in advance
Try contacting them and asking them directly, "what can I do to be more appealing to your admissions committee?" The directors of these programs make time to talk to prospective applicants.
I think that if you haven't scored 800 in the quant GRE, they won't look at your application unless you have something else exceptional. So I assume this is part of their screening.
um, getting rejected because you didn't get a 800 GRE is a little messed up. If that were the case, then that should be a requirement so that people don't waste time applying.
It is almost an unspoken requirement. However, it is not true that applications are rejected solely based on GRE scores. Most top programs will at least look at all the documents that they want you to send in before making a choice.
i'll be applying with a 790. i'll let you know if this belief is true.
I would say 780-800Q is fine. I was accepted to a number of good schools with 790, if it matters.
A couple of comments:

For the Baruch MFE Program, the Admissions Committee actually looks at every application. Regardless of your test scores or GPA, your transcript is looking at, your personal statement and letter of recommendation are read, etc. A decision is made only upon fully reading the application.

As for test scores, while 11% of the applicants for Fall 2008 admission were offered admission, the lowest GRE Quant score and GPA of the admitted students were 760, and 2.78, respectively.

However, over 75% of the admitted students had 800 on the GRE Quant and the top 50% had over 3.5 GPA.

More details can be found at
Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) - Baruch College
I think you mean 800 on the GRE Quantitative section, not verbal, right?