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Linux is gaining popularity among Wall Street developers

Andy said:
You guys, I don't want to start a flame war here but seriously, you guys are going for the Macs for real? ](*,)
Are you waiting for next generation Macs or the Mac Book Pro they have now? Aren't the overheating, palm rest discoloration problems they have with the current ones giving you no second thoughts? :D
Just kidding. I'm a Thinkpad lover but I have no reason to bash Mac users. Just wonder why you use a Mac unless you are into graphic design.

Both my g/f and I love ours Mac laptops. I haven't had a single issue since I got my PowerBook 3 years ago and still love it. I definitely will go for a MacBook (probably not a Pro since I don't really need all the pro features). A Mac just works man, plus it's just beautiful :)
Andy said:
hienqnguyen said:
Our group uses Eclipse as the main IDE. I don't think there's a firmwide standard...it's up to the each group, but most of them use Eclipse. Others use IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc. Developing in Java using Eclipse is really fun. There are a lot of refactoring features that make you really effective.
Hien, I heard so much about Eclipse and how much Java developers love it. I use Anjuta, Dev-C++ and Visual C++ to code the C++.
Can you find out what IDE the quant group at your firm is using to develop C++? And on what environment?
Thanks Hien.

We use a proprietary language and IDE developed inhouse a decade+ ago. Its syntax is similar to C++ & Java.

Eclipse has a C++ plug-in as well. Btw, Apple also has a pretty decent IDE called XCode. I used it to do my C++ homework