looking for advise in MFE


Whether you can get away with self-studying and the admissions believing you is outside my knowledge, so I'll leave that for someone else to comment on.

Looking at a few of the top 10 MFEs according to QuantNet namely CMU, Baruch, Stanford, and Berkeley, here is a sample of their prereq math courses:

Calculus (DE, multivariate, etc)
Linear algebra
Numerical analysis

Some programs also ask for familiarity to fluency in a programming language such as C++ and a statistics package (Matlab, R, Eviews, etc)

Here is a nice quote for you from the Stanford Financial Mathematics FAQ:
The single most common reason applicants are rejected is their math background is not strong enough.

Taking courses like advanced calculus, mathematical statistics, functional analysis (advanced analysis), PDE, ODE (2nd and 3rd year), computational linear algebra, numerical methods, basic stochastic processes courses will make like easier if you tackle MFE. Of course, C++ is a must in this case (self-learning).

If you go straight to the MFE program will kill you on the spot if your maths background is not sufficient. I have a friend did the University of Sydney, Technology program two years ago. He mentioned that he struggled through the program and learned very minimum because of his maths background.

If you aim for Quant Finance, do it right is very important.

Yea I believe so too.

Now I need to search some Unis that will accept me in for the postgraduate diploma applied maths.

I tried to enroll for Auckland University and the Science department said I will need to spend a semester doing 4 prerequisites first then the postgrad dip applied maths. so thats gona be like 1.5 years.

Thanks for the reply Marko

Andy, I know that you graduated from Baruch. I also have been reading the chats with Dr. Stefan and I have developed an interest for the Baruch program.

What did you do to get in? were you in a situation like me.

Are there or were there anyone in my situation lol



Cornell FE
I am in a similar situation, I am a finance major. However, I started taking the math courses a year a go + 2 programming courses.

As far as I know, Baruch MFE is at the top 10, so it's a pretty good program.
Try studying something relevant to MFE. Don't waste your time to do something extra at this stage. The point is to get into the program and do well.
That is what I am trying to do. Everything I want to do now is for getting into MFE. I have enrolled for postgrad diploma in applied maths and I am trying to figure out the exact papers that I would need in relation to MFE.

Any subjects u guys suggest? I know I need algebra n calculus and PDE and numerical computing right?

Thanks for the replies guys. Great information
Hi guys

My uni will only offer me graduate diploma in applied maths at AUT.

whats the difference between postgrad diploma and graduate diploma?

Then is it better off doing graduate diploma in a better uni compared AUT? for example Sydney U etc or is it better to go back to AUT?

Shocking discoveries keeps coming up...

First they told me to try honors in maths, then they said postgrad dip is better and then now they say graduate diploma will prepare me for MFE to meet the maths requirements.

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graduate diploma is counted as undergrad so that will make me hav 2 undergrad degrees....
They said I cant just go from finance into post grad for maths as I wouldnt have enough maths to do postgrad :S :S

but would graduate diploma in applied maths with the subjects that most unis use as prerequisites be enough to apply for MFEThats what Im concerned about.

I already got accepted into Masters of Finance at my uni but thats not what I really want, I want to be a quant trader and MsF is not going to be enough. ill use this as plan B lol