Michigan MFE Michigan MFE acceptance and deposit


Hi @Andy

I am in a time crunch situation here, to decide for UMich. It would be very helpful, if you could put me in touch with the Alum mentioned above. I have contacted kuberkhan, but he is not as regular as you are on this forum and also I have only a few days left for the deposit deadline.

Thanks and looking forward to the contact..


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I have admits from BU, GaTech and U-M. I was leaning toward U-M because of its reputation and general flexibility. However, like most of you, i have found it impossible to find a lot of information about the program and placements. I just hope I am making the right decision.Any thoughts/advice?

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Undergraduate: Major in Computerl Engineering from Mumbai University, India.
Aggregate: 70%
GRE :1470 (Q:800; V:670; AWA:4.0)
No major work experience except for internships