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Profile Application Advise

Hi everyone,

I'm aiming to apply to several MFE programs (Baruch, NYU Courant, Berkeley and Cornell), and I have some doubts regarding the quality of my profile and the areas I should focus on. Thus, any comment or suggestion is welcome!

1) BS in Actuarial Science from top university in Mexico, and double major in Mathematics (85% of the credits completed)
GPA 9.87/10 and 9.80/10, respectively. Worth mentioning that the Actuarial Science degree in Mexico is similar to Applied Mathematics, meaning that it is not necessary focused on insurance stuff but mainly on the applications based on probability and statistics.

2) +1 year of experience as a Quantitative Analyst from a top firm (think about JP, Citi, BA, etc). Collaborating with the main team from NY team despite being located in Mexico.

3) GRE: Q 168 / V 151. This is the part where I hesitate the most, as I'm aware that these programs are more focused on the quant section. But, is my score at the verbal section enough?

4) IELTS: 8/9 Ov. Also, this is where I rely on making sure that my English skills could be evaluated better as just with the verbal section of the GRE.

5) Proficiency with Python, C++ and R. And SQL

6) Other, perhaps unrelated, certificates from SOA, exams P, FM and SRM

As a summary, I would appreciate your feedback regarding if it is needed to retake the GRE due to my score on the verbal section or to focus on other parts of my application, preparing for the interviews, esssys, etc. As this score might be compensated with the IELTS.

Thanks in advance!
What are you hoping to get out of an MFE? Sounds like you have already broke into the quant space.

I am eager to expand my knowledge in various subjects and diversify my career opportunities after graduation, with a primary goal of pursuing jobs on the buy side. In Mexico, the field is somewhat limited with relatively few companies to work for. Additionally, obtaining a master's degree has long been one of my personal aspirations.

Thanks for your response Jarry!
GRE is fine. If you want to work in the US, applying makes sense.