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Review of Princeton Master in Finance program


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I called them up today.. They said not all decisions have been released and we should expect a reply before March 1. I so wish that these things were defined.. a fixed date to release all interviews and a fixed date to release all the results!!!


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Looks like someone is on the fence about an MFE vs. a PhD or an MBA.

I think I'd take one of the top five ranked PhD programs over a Princeton MFin on the basis of free tuition, at the very least.

I am not as sure about an HBS or Stanford GSB admit. I wouldn't feel bad if someone turned us down for an MIT Finance PhD, but I'm not sure that someone who wanted to do finance could really do better with an HBS or Stanford MBA. Within finance, a Princeton MFin is more or less an H/S/W MBA who can also do stats or work on a stochal problem. So I'm not sure it's worth a tuition premium to give up the quant option, assuming one wanted to do finance.

Wherever it is, best of luck!
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got an email saying that I am placed on a waiting list and that they are reserving a final decision until they know whether they will be able to make additional offers of admission.

does anyone know how long this will take and/or what are the chances (if any) of getting an admission from this, from past years' experience?


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Can anyone share what kind of questions have been asked in the interview for MFin program over the recent years?