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Chicago MSFM Seeking changes, Chicago MSFM fired founding director

I am saddened to hear this. I was in the program in it's early years (1998) and noticed the rampant cheating referred to above. People would collaborate on matlab code and some graduated without ever actually writing their own code. I also have an MBA from Chicago and it's true, the placement for the MSFE program was nonexistent. When I started the MSFE I was in the last quarter of the MBA, and the two schools would not allow cross registration. The MSFE program HAS to do better for its students. The quality when I was there was very low compared with the MBA program (which was outstanding!)
The program is top-notch. Actually placement is bad at almost every program though some programs do better than others. Chicago will survive current crises.

The problem is one of competition from the those dastardly devious MBA programs. How do you convince the well-trodden path of banks hiring MBA grads. I have heard horror stories of MBAs being placed into stat-arb or exotic trading roles. While the MBA is good I think MFEs or MSFMs can do alot more in these roles. Really is Wharton MBA even with analytical finance concentration really comparable to an MFE?
Generally, agree with you Jhinsi274. BUT, what do you mean too much on his plate ???? He is program director, and it is, rather was, his job to construct a program with the right faculty, adequate teaching, good career services, good student feedback... and to listen. He did not... that's why he is out.

Look, he is a nice person... but so was Mother Theresa... does not mean he nor she was the right person for this job. Hedge funds don't care if you are a nice person, and students should not care if the director is a nice person. They should care that he is qualified to do the job, is effective in putting together a suitable program, and then adjusts as time goes on. Neils did not do anything.

Hmmmm, with that logic, the Dean has really too much on his plate and therefore the whole department should be failing, or rather the University President should be inundated... you are confused.


You don't get it. Supposedly, students from this program are intelligent... but, really ! How can you confuse being a nice guy with not doing your job. Only ONE of these traits matters when I put down $75,000 to do this stupid program.