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COMPARE Waitlist for MIT & Chicago vs Accepting UCLA?

Hi Everyone. Hoping for some advice from some of you who've been through the process if possible.
Results came out on 10 March that I've been waitlisted by Chicago MSFM and MIT MFin. Currently, I've been accepted into UCLA and UIUC. I am also waiting for the results from Cornell. I'm wondering if I should accept UCLA or wait and see for the other programmes.

For context, I have aspirations to become a quantitative trader with a focus on equities. I scored a 750 on my GMAT (Q49 & V44). I have First-Class Honors in Finance from a non-reputable university and 3 years of experience in buy-side Equity Structured Products & Derivatives in a Singapore bank.

I am wondering what my chances are like for clinching a spot on the waitlist, and if UCLA is a good enough choice if I want to fulfil my career aspirations. Thank you so much for inputs :)
I believe that they've already sent enough offers to those students they want and to ensure that they will have enough students to deposit the offers, i.e., UChi intends to secure 91 FT students and 10 PT students this year (same data from last year). And to guarantee it would still have those amount students left for those missing students who prefer other better programs that they've already got admitted to, the University will usually send out an excessive amount of offers, i.e., 200-250. And based on my tentative guess that, as UChi is not a bad program and the amount of WL they've sent exactly on the due date of the decision day, I think there will be a considerable amount of people in this pool right now waiting to be admitted. So, good luck to all of us, and wish we can be the lucky ones to be drawn out from the WL pool.
Did anyone write a letter of continued interest to their waitlisted schools of choice? Heard it is common practice in undergraduate studies but I’m not sure if it should be done for our courses?