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Recent content by atreides

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    UVa data science vs UIUC MSFE

    You're comparing two different things though there is some overlap. The important question is what do you want to do? If you're interested in building data pipelines, predictive modeling, machine learning, etc then Data Science may be the way to go. Though there is some overlap in skills...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Unfortunately, there are only a few universities building their Data Science / Analytics programs the right way. I won't name names but you probably want to stay away from some of the programs popping up. It almost feels like a few years ago when MFE programs where popping up everywhere and...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Northwestern graduated its first class last year and the stats from their website show almost perfect placement by graduation. Have you tried contacting each of the students from that graduating class. ? You could probably find them on Linkedin. You should also check out NC State Analytics...
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    If quit PhD?

    You know your situation best.. but from the information you've provided... you can always defer your MFE admission or even apply to other programs. If you leave the PhD program, I would imagine, they won't let you come back and finish up later. You need to figure out what's most important to...
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    Data Science Bootcamp programs

    Data Science and Big Data is all the talk these days. For folks interested in this field, I put together a list of all the major players in the Data Science bootcamp space. They seem to be clustered in San Francisco and New York . This list doesn't include any of the university programs...
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    Paper trading and quantitative analysis

    The PerformanceAnalytics package could also be useful.. most of the packages have pdf tutorials on rcran. Also checkout r-forge
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    Amazon ‘robo-pricing’ sparks fears

    I thought this was interesting.. $800 for the book
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    R Programming language?

    I'm working on a project, where I have to recode / impute categorical variables. On a 2046 x 11 test dataset, R took somewhere between 15 - 30 secs on average. I recoded that part in Bash and it gets the same job done in about a second. That said, R does have its strong points : easy EDA...
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    A few noob questions

    This is not a deal breaker...I'm sure you could probably understand at least 75% of the book on a first read
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    Florida not a target school

    At the very least, they should have tried to merged it with EE, instead of doing away with it.
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    Florida not a target school

    Reprehensible...but entirely logical
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    [May 11, 2012] R In Finance Conference (Chicago, IL)

    I'll be in Chicago for this conference... any other quantnet folks going?
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    COMPARE Georgia Tech's MS QCF and NTU's MS FE, which one will be better choice

    You are comparing Apples and Oranges. Two different programs, two different continents. You need to answer this question -> Where do you want to start your first job, post masters? Once you do, your choice should become apparent
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    Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?

    Definitely interested if there will be an online option for the class
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    A few noob questions

    This will give you a bird's eye view of the industry, major players, areas, etc.. The Complete Guide to Capital Markets...