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    Calibration on heston Stochastic Volatility Model

    Maybe this site will help you: (resp. The testcase (100 plain vanilla option on the S&P 500) for the Heston Model is from the paper by Andersen and...
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    New Quant Job

    New Quant Job
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    Finite Differences for option pricing

    In large dimension PDE-solving could be really expensive. So be tricky and use reduced basis methods.
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    A question about non-typical Black-Scholes equation

    Rannacher smoothing combined with Crank Nicolson may be a good way to work against wiggling at strike.
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    Can someone help me understand the heston model and its application.

    Did it works? Did you compare your solution with the exact solution of the closed-form Heston?
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    Calibration with Matlab

    I would write a new function as m-file: function y = barrier(sigma, L) r=.... %all given parameters y = pdepe(m,@pdefun_gbm,@pdeic,@pdebc,x,t1,[],r,sigma);
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    Can some one explain the Local Volatility (Dupire's Formula) for me?

    You're welcome to ask! I wrote a short explanatory approach for you.
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    Can some one explain the Local Volatility (Dupire's Formula) for me?

    Hi, derivatives of the call are not only taken with respect to strike K but also with respect to maturity T in place of price S and time t. This is made by an adjoint/backward argument. Maybe this paper by Jim Gatheral will help you (especially section 2.2).
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    Inception - the movie

    I'm really looking foward to see this movie! Inception will start in Germany at Thursday, like Toy Story 3 :-D
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    Math quant jokes

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    GPU computing

    One colleague of mine, Stephan Schmidt, has do some works with PDE on GPUs. Nevertheless he done so on non-financial problems. GPUTop - Topology Optimization on CUDA Graphics Cards (GPU) in 3D
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    Favourite Finite Difference Methods book(s)?

    Daniel Duffy's "Finite Difference Methods in Financial Engineering: A Partial Differential Equation Approach" is quite good! "Pricing Financial Instruments: The Finite Difference Method" by Tavella and Randall is a good book for FDM as well.
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    Internships and other Summer Activities

    let's stop screwing around, ask me your hardest questions on stochastics I've to say this in a polite way! Thanks for this valueable advice, Dominic! :tiphat:
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    Superbowl XLIV prediction

    Congratulations to the Saints! Thanks to the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints for this great sports night! The game was fantastic and exciting!