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Recent content by bigbadwolf

  1. bigbadwolf

    Why banks need C++ developers more than ever

    In other words they want trained and experienced C++ programmers -- but don't want to go to the time and expense of training them themselves. Typical. I've got no sympathy for them.
  2. bigbadwolf

    The changing face of New York

    It's all over the country -- not just NYC. East Asians are seen as fair game. Keep in mind the majority of attacks are coming from blacks (something the US mass media studiously avoids mentioning). https://abc13.com/asian-hate-crime-houston-korean-store-attack-jung-kim-racist/10448031 If you...
  3. bigbadwolf

    Quant programs as a US citizen

    Every MFE program (save the amazingly affordable Baruch program) is a cash cow. It's just that the good ones give something of worth in return -- solid education, placement offices, interview preparation.
  4. bigbadwolf

    Weimar Hyperinflation: a permabear's saga

    Interesting post by Dmitry Orlov today: http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2021/03/getting-hyperinflation-right.html
  5. bigbadwolf

    Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

    On a side note, that book by Strang is very useful and very well-written.
  6. bigbadwolf


    A Richard Mille is probably throwing your money away. But if you're wearing your grandfather's Patek, it shouldn't be held against you.
  7. bigbadwolf


  8. bigbadwolf

    Proofs and Analysis Course

    At some stage (even for MFE) you will have to take some course on functions of several variables. Metric space theory will be indispensable there.
  9. bigbadwolf

    Advice for Choosing UK MSc Programmes

    Warwick has a really strong math department -- probably second only to Cambridge.
  10. bigbadwolf

    Critique/Review of my Quant Path Plan

    What was your AP Calc grade? A 4 or a 5? I presume it was AB calc rather than BC calc? What's your list of books for foundational math? For calc? For linear algebra? For probability? What's on your reading list generally? The online Python programming courses are usually nothing great. Ideally...
  11. bigbadwolf

    Weimar Hyperinflation: a permabear's saga

    This forum is probably not the place to talk about these things. Finance professionals are not trained to think and talk about these things -- more accurately, they're trained to not think and talk about these things. The global economic system is in a state of slow-motion collapse. Financial...
  12. bigbadwolf

    Weimar Hyperinflation: a permabear's saga

    Easily. But Covid is not the culprit: it has merely accelerated underlying tendencies. Weimar Germany was printing money. The USA is printing money.
  13. bigbadwolf

    The changing face of New York

  14. bigbadwolf

    Quant View on Pure Math

    You don't know what you're talking about. I've seen Ghrist's work before. I don't know whether you got this in a hurried Google search to prove me wrong. This is not a serious application of cutting-edge algebraic topology. I'm wondering what kind of background you have in the subject.
  15. bigbadwolf

    Quant View on Pure Math

    Why not familiarize yourself with, for example, index theory so you have a clearer idea of what you're talking about? Or the more recent work of Witten?