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Recent content by Connor

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    Want to prepare for my master in qf?

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    Starting a hedge fund.. Yes one of those questions

    People aren't going to give you money without you having a track record of making money. Depending on what role you want in a hedge fund there are multiple paths you could take, PhD in economics being one of them. My advice is to get an internship then graduate and get a job as an analyst...
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    Undergrad Computer Science vs Math ?

    I would say option #1 with the Math major because it's far easier to teach yourself some programming then it is math (also easier to demonstrate programming knowledge). Plus if you'll have a few programming classes and C++ certificate you should be good. Ideally you want to demonstrate...
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    What to study?

    Somewhat depends on what your program covers but I would recommend taking extra courses in math and computer science and even a few finance and/or economics if you can. And try to do 1 or 2 internships in finance if you can (investment banking, asset management, hedge fund, etc)
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    What should I do?

    Now isn't the best time to get into finance. Seems like everyday I read an article about another bank cutting jobs.... Graduate, get a job, and then think about where you want your life to go. You may love being an actuary. And you can always go and get an MFE later.
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    PhD deciding between MBA and MFE

    Maximizing income in your career is great and all but don't forget to think about the kind of lifestyle you want. How are the hours where you work now? What's the work environment like? Relaxed? Stressful? Consider these things. 2. You are almost too old for these programs and would have a...
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    Absolute Novice

    I agree with Andy_B that a lack of math is a major hurdle; this is evidenced by the mention of taking math in almost every education thread here. Focus on learning 1 or 2 programming languages really well. C++ is probably what you should learn and if you know that then picking up another...
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    "MS in Data Science" the next MFE?

    I've heard of a few MS degrees that are for business analytics and I see the trend continuing even though its basically just statistics and computer science. But I think at the end of the day, studying the foundations of computer science and statistics/math prepares you for this trend and any...
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    Lacking Serious Background

    I think you going back to school full time for approximately 2 years (based on needing to start at Calc I and getting a degree in comp sci) when you already have student debt is a bad idea in the current environment. If your heart is set on this then get a good job that is finance related that...
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    PhD vs Career; Oxford vs LSE?

    1) Impossible to tell. 2) At the end of the day reputation doesn't matter, what matters is what you do with your education. You can have all the PhDs in the world but if you can't make money.... My present concern with Oxford would be their connection with the Man Group which isn't doing so well...
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    retaking classes

    Depends on how much time you have. If time is an issue then take higher level math courses and get As. Under limited time, it would be better to get more exposure in math than to keep retaking classes. If time isn't an issue then retake them, get As and have a higher GPA. If you get an A in...
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    Undergraduate Classes

    Assuming you are taking 5 classes: Computer Algorithms, Game Theory, Stochastic Models, Probability Theory II, and Math Theory of Stat. Relevant work experience that interests you trumps grad school in my opinion. Going to grad school later will always be an option.
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    Triple Major?

    I would skip the business management degree with a concentration in finance. If you want, take a few finance classes or get a minor in it but focus on CS and Math.
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    Do I have a chance at a top MFE program?

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    Triple Major?

    Agree, definitely go with CS and Math. But why the Econ? It's an interesting subject but CS/Math with a higher GPA would probably be better than triple majoring. You could consider minoring in Econ. If you go econ, I would recommend taking an econometrics class.