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Recent content by Dibbs

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    Toronto MathFin MMF University of Toronto 2012 -Entrance Exam

    My year during the program cost me about 35k, so i think your estimates are good. It can be easy to find a part-time job, but I don't recommend it as the program is intense and requires a lot of hours. I suggest you focus on your studies. To add to this point, no student took a part-time job...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    I have entered the program with a 90%+ average, but some of the students came in with a lower GPA (about 80%)
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    CChow : Yes, some of the students have very theoretical backgrounds and almost no exposure to finance. As long as your candidacy is strong (good GPA - above 3.5, any papers written, any extracurricular, etc..)
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    coming quant engineer phone interview

    Nice document!!!
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    Cover letter for IB

    yeah I'd write it to the Human Resources Department, Credit suisse. Something along those lines.
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    Cover letter for IB

    Are you applying directly to someone ? Or is this the internet application ? If it is the internet application, it's not always relevant to put an address on the cover letter...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    Well, the majority of students have no difficulty findings jobs after the program. This also applies to the winter internships, last year we had a placement of 100%. It really depends on what you want to do as a career. If you like risk management and would like to evolve in this field, then...
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    how do I network?

    Try www.ycif.com (young canadians in finance) , it's a 50$ membership, but they host a lot of social events, conferences, etc. Best 50$ I spent last year. Got me a job too! Sorry if I look like an ad men.
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    You need to also consider the types of jobs both degrees will get you. The MMF is almost exclusively oriented towards risk management (and has been so for the past couple of years, and I can only believe that this trend will continue in the future). On the other hand, the MFE places people in...
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    COMPARE University of Toronto MMF vs MFE

    I've graduated from the MMF program. The MMF program and MFE program are very different in nature. The MMF program really teaches you about the mathematics of finance in terms of instrument pricing, portfolio theory, optimization and risk management (to name a few.) as opposed to the MFE which...
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    Debt ceiling

    To add to Andy's post. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-08-06/u-s-credit-rating-cut-by-s-p-for-first-time-on-deficit-reduction-accord.html
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    Bitcoin - a new kind of currency

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    Debt ceiling

    Perhaps it's material non-public information...
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    Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

    aww. I was about to post this... lol. I was deciding whether to put it in Quant Matters or Off Topic.
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    Modelling Electricity Prices

    Thank you for the precious time you've taken to answer my post. As I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have decided to model the residuals between a seasonality function and my time series. I have discussed about this approach with my teacher, and we both agreed that for the...