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  • Hello Dominic,
    I am from Canada and i am applying for a MSc in Quantitative Finance in UK.
    I was thinking of : Warwick, UCL,Edinburgh, UCD Dublin and may be Cass Business School.
    Which school offer the best program in Quant Fin?
    I can see that Warwick has an excellent reputation . What about my others choices?
    Thanks for your input.
    some people advised me to take courses or certificate instead of Master's degree..I'm concerned about placements and i would like to get an intership right from the beginning if possible asap..but i know it is not easy...what do you recommend and how to get interships or entry level positions?
    Dear Dominic, I have admission from Rutgers FSRM, stevens FE, Birkbeck, Reading, Hawaii ...what is the best choice? I have a PhD in applied math, Master's in physics, long teaching experience in physics, math, finance and statistics...
    Dear Dominic,
    I read your comment about how you dont really approve of BFE programs, saying that they are too specialized too early.
    I am currently doing BFE at Columbia, with a minor in computer science, with lots of programming courses as well as math.

    Do you think my career prospects as a quant would be severely limited because of my BFE background, even if i minored in computer science??
    Dear Dominic,

    I have been having trouble getting interviewed for Quant jobs, which wasn't the case before I accepted a job as a mathematical modeller outside of finance. Is it possible to to send my CV so you can have a glance, and to have a chance of an expert (yourself) give it a critical review?


    Dear Dominic,
    Thank you for your reply. I am wondering about what type of firms are looking for soon to be graduates
    from a mathematical finance MSc with no previous industry experience. Also, is there a crude approximation on what type of salary someone in my position should require, or are grades more or less irrelevant and everything comes down to "what you know"?

    Thank you.
    Took some courses from Stanford/Princeton in Model thinking, statistics, probability, etc. to remind myself about it. But the problem is-nobody wants the worker without an experience in finance environment! That does not matter where to apply the math rules – in basic research or financial industry. Math is Math :) What do you think about my chances to become a quant? Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you! Lana
    Dear Dominic, I am fascinated by the quants/quant world! May I ask you about an advice how to proceed to be a junior quant? I am a physicist with 8 years of significant experience in research and data analysis. I have M.S. in Physics and Engineering, Ph.D. in Physics and Math. from Russian Academy of Sciences. I am good in differentials, math, know Monte-Carlo(scientific applications), a bit of C++/Python/Matlab.
    Hi Dominic, I was wondering if you still headhunting for quant professionals. Can you please share your contact information with me so we can chat on phone or email? Cheers.

    I would like your opinion on NTU mfe,GAtech, Rutgers....which one is a better for a career in quant pointofview
    Hi Dominic, Which websites would you recommend for research/reference/education/etc... for aspiring financial engineers? Thanks, Serge
    Hello Dominic, I am graduating with Aerospace engineering degree this December. Since I am more interested in investment banking, I am trying to break into investment banking. I am just wondering whether you could guide me in one way or another to achieve my goal?
    Hello Dominic, do you have twitter? I'm trying to follow influential people in the Quant comminity, I would like to be aware of the latest topics in research and careers. Can you recommend someone to follow?
    Hello DominiConnor
    Can you help send me the result of quant salary survey? My email:

    Thanks a million.
    Hello Dominic,
    Do EEs with experience from the NSA get hired?
    Will 4 years of time in the military hurt an application? (counting time to get a PHD after service time)
    Hi DominConnor,
    I always like reading your any comments about FE anything..... So great and helpful ~~~~
    Hi DominiConnor,
    I have been reading a lot of your comments. Very insightful.
    Hello Dominic,

    I need ur help in making a decision btw rutgers msmf and columbia msor. As you are an experienced professional, Can u please give me some advice.
    hi Dominic,

    As a wanna be quant, I also have same questions as others. I have a BBus in finance and Accounting with no relevant work experience after graduating in 2010. Would I be better off undertaking Masters in Quantitative Finance and a VB and Java training courses now OR get few years of industry experience in whatever sort of jobs that I could get into??
    I would like to start my Masters part-time, one subject a sem. along with a 1.5 yrs programming classes.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi Dominic,

    I was referred to you by a forum member for your professional advice on salary negotiation. In a nutshell, I'm about to finish my PhD in CS at Imperial and just got an offer as a Quant Dev from an asset management company in the City. They offer £35k and from what I've read in this forum it should be more. Can you give me any advice on how to negotiate the salary and what an appropriate number would be? Please see my thread at Is this a QD position? - Forum | Quant Network.

    Thank you!
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