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    Don't use non-western alphabets

    As you can imagine I have a pretty good spam filter and the majority of easily spotted crap contains Cyrillic and Chinese characters, so it often gets binned. If you're sending a resume to me or anoyne else you think might help get you a job, I would advise you only to use western (ie ASCII)...
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    How is the market for entry level Quant?

    Dullu, which country do you have to go back to, is it Brazil ? I suspect something is wrong with your CV, the outline of your experience implies that although the market at entry level is still weak, you ought to have got some interviews.
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    Taking Dell to court

    I agree that for MC development and learning 4 cores is adequate, but someone wanting to go the whole way might want to look at GPU computing. There is of course Amdahl's law, so don't ever imagine that 8 cores will go 8x as fast, though it can be instructive to deal with the extra chance of...
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    Quantnet MFE Guide

    I think there should be a section on "Should I choose this line of work ?" I good % of the threads on QN and are around that theme, so people clearly want help and given the cost and importance of the decision they are wise to seek advise. I volunteer to write that part. The...
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    CFA vs CQF

    The CQF is much more about the maths of markets than the CFA, so it might match your existing skills better. I hadn't realised you were in London, why don't you come along to an open evening, that wought to answer a lot of questions ?
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    CFA vs CQF

    As you may know Clatty, I have an interest in the CQF... What is your background in terms of education ?
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    Seeking internship in France (or Europe)

    Programming in what ?
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    Lacking Serious Background

    I agree with those who say do economics, the term "Quant" gets overloaded quite a bit and I think you'd find it very hard to get in to what most people here call quant work from where you are now. You could do the certificate in mathematical methods as part of the CQF, it would be very hard...
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    Which Offer to Choose?

    I suppose it's a bit late now, but you made the right choice.
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    Taking Dell to court

    Yes, Precision is "desktop replacement", ie low footprint, they are quite heavy and a 17" screen will never make for easy portability. Mine doesn't get out all that much but some people have mentioned the incongruity of a headhunter in a nice suit and Thomas Pink shirt occasionally seen with a...
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    What can I expect after graduation?

    In general, yes, but it depends a bit on your background.
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    Pointer declaration

    For whatever reason I find Type *p to be more readable, I guess because it is more common.
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    What can I expect after graduation?

    MathAndrw, "Doesn't IC have a career service ?" Yes it has two, sadly the OP has only access to the dysfunctional one, the business school is much better. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to help ecanif because not long ago Imperial College's career service sent mailout forbidding City recruiters...
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    Taking Dell to court

    My previous Precision has lasted 5 years, it still works, it just isn't really all that mobile any more.
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    Taking Dell to court

    There was recently a thread on Quantnet about laptops for Quants and I mentioned that I just bought myself a nice 8 core Intel I7 & 17" LCD laptop from Dell, it's predecessor was of course famous for being the host of my C++ lectures that so many of you have watched. It doesn't work, keeps...