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Recent content by Joe Yu

  1. J

    Oil Trading Book

    Anyone knows of a good book on Oil Trading? Specifically, topics on Contango/Backwardation Curve, Transport, Storage Costs, Spread options, hedging strategies, etc. Thanks!
  2. J

    Datasim NYC C++ course for MSc, Phd and MFE students with Daniel Duffy

    Yes, this is the kind of C++ course I have been looking for. Short and to the point with financial applications. Since I have no programming background, I am really interested in taking this class. I figure it should be better than learning C++ by myself from a textbook. However, does anyone...
  3. J

    Columbia MAFN MAFN wait list response - heard back from them?

    MSOR is for MSFE applicants. I think for MAFN, you will either be placed on MAFN waitlist and not referred to MS Stats or won't be placed on waitlist and referred to MS Stats directly.
  4. J

    Is my program choice flawed? and ideas about Columbia's M in Statistics

    Do you mean >? I think MSOR is better than MS Stats.
  5. J

    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    Are you planning on including Columbia MSOR as well? It is interesting to see how the program fairs against other MFE programs.
  6. J


    That is very very unlikely to happen. I dont know where you are from but American universities are very flexible when it comes to helping kids learn. Hence, I doubt that will ever happen. At my undergrad university, we have the best medical school in the world and even then any undergraduate...
  7. J

    COMPARE MSOR (Minor FE) in Cornell vs Columbia MSOR

    I'm meeting with IEOR department tmr to see if it's hard to register for these MSFE electives. From the emails I get from MSOR students, it seems like all I need to get is just signature from profs. Even if I cant take MSFE electives (which I'm pretty sure I can), I can still take classes in...
  8. J

    COMPARE MSOR (Minor FE) in Cornell vs Columbia MSOR

    so these are the classes I am planning to take at Columbia, assuming I can place out of Prob/Stats: Fall (5 courses) Stochastic Models (MSOR core class) ---> MSFE take Stochastic Models in FE Deterministic Models (MSOR core class) ---> MSFE dont have to take Simulations (MSOR core class)...
  9. J

    COMPARE MSOR (Minor FE) in Cornell vs Columbia MSOR

    I got into both Rutgers and Columbia MSOR. Based on Columbia name alone, you will get plenty of interviews with top firms and that is where I'm going. Not sure how many BB recruit from Rutgers, if at all. My undergrad is top 15 in the US and barely any BB recruit from here. Imagine Rutgers...
  10. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    true. this got me thinking a bit. eventho i am an intl student from Asia, I have been in the US for both high school and undergrad. I have more American friends than ppl from my country now. Not really sure which "group" I belong to at Columbia...
  11. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    so are you saying that going to a program with a lot of students can also be beneficial because there will be a lot of alums to network with?
  12. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    wow 50-60K apps? thats quite ridiculous.
  13. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    aren't students from other schools competing for the same finance jobs anyways? its not like if you go to say JHU which has a current class size of 10, you are only competing against those 10 students for a job.
  14. J

    COMPARE Columbia MSOR vs. BU MSFM vs. Rutgers-MQF vs. Claremont MFE

    not all students in MSOR are interested in finance...
  15. J

    Columbia Undergrad, OR&FE

    are u an undergrad or high school student? if undergrad, which year are you?