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    What is the advantage of C# compared to C++?

    The question is not "what to learn ?" but "what do you want to do with this knowledge ?"
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    Automated Online Trading Championship 2012. 80K $ prize pool

    Registration - Rules - Previous year results - Previous year winners -
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    COMPARE ETH/UZH Vs. HEC Lausanne

    Both are very well known programs in EU but they are slightly different. MSc in Finance from HEC Lausanne is just your typical MSc in Finance with emphasis on derivatives while MSc in QuantFinance from ETHZ & UZH is more like master in Mathematical Finance where hard mathematical courses are run...
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    How Recruiters See Your Resume

    This is not a very quant related topic but looks like a good read for everyone: What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume The full report (.pdf) is here.
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    Has anyone seen a fly on their screens?
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    MFE for 6 months?

    No, I did refer to a programs which last 9 calendar months: - MSc in Statistics from LSE - MSc in Accounting and Finance from LSE - etc
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    MFE for 6 months?

    Well, some programs in UK (LSE for example) last 9 months but they are not compatible with Bologna process as far as I know.
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    MFE for 6 months?

    CQF ?
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    Econ or Math Finance

    You can try to find it by yourself via linkedin, for example. The last thing I've heard is that there are plenty of graduates in trading positions with degree in economics in the City.
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    Derivatives Pricing Question

    I think you should start from FAQ in Quant Finance by P.Wilmott. All your questions which you've mentioned above are answered in this book.
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    UIUC SOP question

    Do you want to pay ~70K USD for your curiosity ?
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    UIUC SOP question

    On a side note. Don't mention it. Maybe it's indeed your goal but at the same time it's overused cliche and also doesn't improve the program's placement record if you move to home country.
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    Malardalen University

    Never heard of Malardalen. If you want to study in Sweden then there are 2 good Unis which offer master degree with specialization in financial mathematics - KTH and Stockholm University - both are very well respected Unis, especially KTH's math department. If you want to focus on computational...
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    COMPARE EPFL MFE vs Barcelona GSE MFin

    robopool: You over exaggerate here a bit ;) It also would be a lot better if in addition to information about costs you will add what you (and other) students have reached after graduation.
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    COMPARE EPFL MFE vs Barcelona GSE MFin

    EPFL is more discussed on Wilmott and other sites because EPFL's Math and CS departments are among the best in the world and it should not be a surprise if students from these departments work in London in the same way as from other well respected Math departments. Overall in science and...