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    What books are you currently reading?

    Investments: http://www.amazon.com/Investments-6th-William-Sharpe/dp/0130101303/ Alwaleed: Businessman, Billionaire, Prince http://www.amazon.com/Alwaleed-Businessman-Billionaire-Riz-Khan/dp/0060850302/
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    MSF Carey School of Business

    MSF Carey School of Business
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    Decisions about graduate education

    OP, honesty it doesn't matter where you go but what you do for your education once you get there, how much time you spend outside of class learning stuff on your own. Everyone tries to go to top program which there is nothing wrong with but everyone is cut the same. 3.9 gpa, Math, engineering...
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    Speculation trading book

    OP. If you want any of the books mention above I can get them for you in PDF cause those prices are insane.
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    Just curious

    What do you call a company that does PE/VC, real estate and is a hedge fund? Alternative asset management firm?
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    Master list of free financial data

    Does anyone know how far the Put/call ratio goes back to and where I can DL to an excel sheet?
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    Fixed income books

    Thanks for you reply. I think you might be right I am not in any rush so taking it slow might change my mind.
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    Fixed income books

    btw do most CFA books assume no prior knowledge?
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    Fixed income books

    Ok fair enough I will try to explain why. I think that the Tuckman book assumes you know introductory knowledge about bonds and pricing which I don't; my background is in equities. Now in my case some of these things I didn't know are easy to look for example why bonds are price in terms like...
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    Fixed income books

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend books that could introduce me to the subject of fixed income if I had no previous experience with it? I am looking for something that blends causal interest/reading with math only to clarify the concept at hand. I am looking to understand concepts like...
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    A film about var?

    This is a good movie I think. I just got done watching it
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    A film about var?

    is this out already?
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    Gauging Market sentiment

    Thanks for taking time out to find these links
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    Gauging Market sentiment

    Can you give a link or a name of the weekly indicator? I've seen plenty of time when bad/good econ data comes out and the market react as if they didn't know from the prelims (aka forecasts) what the outcome could be. but I understand your point about being subjective but anything and...
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    Gauging Market sentiment

    I might not know exactly what I am looking for but I know this is not it. You bring valid points I suppose but let me ask you this, how would you classify the consumer sentiment which has an effect on the markets? or the GDP numbers or the CPI number. these have more of an affect on the market...