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  • So how do you get accepted into MIT but rejected at Princeton, I guess they look for something totally different.
    Hey! Just saw it on the tracker that you got accepted by MIT. Congrats!
    I have actually been preparing for MFE; and I am quite insecure about my profile. I was wondering if you could tell me something about your profile?/
    Thanks in advance!
    Hi ,

    I believe you applied for the Princeton MFin Program
    I also applied for the same program but i have not received any email from them confirming that my application is complete or is under review.

    Would appreciate if you can let me know whether u received any email from them after the app submission . ?

    Thanks in advance
    And to prepare for the interview, you should be familiar with your application. No technical questions will be asked.
    They told me they would send out more this week. Hope I still I have a chance.
    Is it a telephone interview or skype interview? Did they tell you who the interviewer is?
    So yeah like two, three hours ago me and someone I know received the interview invitation. The interviews are scheduled for next week. So I think you are right about them sending out invitation today - they are right on the 1 month mark. You should check your emails again. Can I ask what your profile is like?
    It is a M.Fin online chat in October, but unfortunately I have lost the transcript. But I clearly remember that they did said that when a guy asked them when they would send out the invites. It seems that last year they sent out invites on February 6, four weeks after the deadline.
    Still haven't got anything from MIT, I guess I am doomed.
    I just asked another person who has applied and he hasn't heard anything either. If they bind themselves to the first week of December, then maybe it will be some time today or over the weekend. Which online chat did you attend? Did you happen to have taken a transcript of that chat?
    I have not heard anyone get an invite. I once participated in the online chat, and I remember they said they would send out invites in the first week of december. So I believe they will sent out invites within a few hours.
    Hi John. I have not heard from MIT yet. Do you know of anyone who got an invite? Based on last year's info on the tracker, application submission to actual interview is just 6 weeks. So I would imagine that they are starting to send out invite right around this time.
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