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  • Hey hey, my friend. I've been having some trouble getting in touch with you, so I'm giving this back-channel a shot. I just moved to Montréal, so it looks like I'll be living a lot closer to you. I can be reached through any of the contact information listed on my old UNC homepage. It would be great to talk to you. Been a long time, man! -- Dave Knott
    I am a C.S. guy. I have a Masters from UNC-Chapel Hill with research in systems area.
    I applied to MFE programs after working 3 years at GS on Technology Infrastructure side.

    In general, NYU was focused more on Math/Physics graduates. They needed Math oriented people rather than engineers/developers. In the last couple of years things have changed. They moved the "weight" from PDE to C++ programming, so the admission reflects it as well. You can ask this question on forum, I am sure people from NYU program will provide more background ...
    Hi Stefan, You got into PT program at NYU, right? What is your qualification and do you know what are the major things on which NYU give weightage on?
    There are a number of reasons:
    1. Commitment of program director for finding job opportunities
    2. No separation between part-time/full-time.
    3. Good experience (program started in 2002) and growing in brand
    4. Emphasis on numerical methods/implementation/stochastic calculus. This is what I want to do. Other programs were focused more on finance, general modeling (mathlab), stats.
    5. Low tuition.
    6. Tight student community. Basically there are 20, 30 students a year. They work a lot in dedicated quantlab, we collaborate on quantnet.
    7. Open faculty members.
    hi Stefan, I've also been accepted by Baruch. I know you have been admitted by almost all the famous programs and you chose Baruch.What are you criteria when comparing these programs?Do you still think your choice is a definitely right one after these years? I like Baruch very much at this moment, but more information will be welcome. Thank you!
    Hi, I notice that you have been admitted by lots of universities in MFE.
    And I want to know something from you if you don't mind.
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