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Recent content by Stefan Zota

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    Is Law School a Losing Game?

    Yes percentage of international students in MFE is similar to other science departments. However I wouldn't say that MBA make a lot of $$$$. I agree that top graduates (5%) can get to higher salaries than other graduates. However I doubt that average is high. It's difficult to get to $90-100k...
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    Black Swans of 2011 ?

    Peter Schiff is definitely an outspoken critic of spending oriented economy. In many respects, I agree with him. More important, I respect the fact that he holds his opinion in front of deride. In '05/'06 everyone was laughing in his face ...
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    visa problem

    The numbers of H1B are a good estimate. For green-card, they are undervalued. However it does show the possible issues with green-card application for large banks. Hedge fund can support easier for green-card but the counts are small here. The main reason is that hedge funds hire largely...
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    PhD is a waste of time

    I think the thread is too critical on PhD. I wanted to pursue a PhD about 5 years ago. The reasons why I haven't were personal, nothing to do with a prospective job/money. First of all it's a personal choice. Doing a PhD for a job is not a good idea. However continuing some research during...
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    Questions for Robert Almgren's interview

    * Which books do you recommend on trade execution and market microstructure in general? * Do you see a need for real-time scheduling and other Computer Science areas for bulk trade execution? * Trade execution cost has been a focus for buy/sell side companies as well as servicing/brokers...
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    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    I agree. Also, sending people to detention centers is absurd. If a person is illegal in a certain country, just arrange to be sent back to country of origin. No need to persecute. At same time, personal details are recorded, tighten the borders so they won't be able to come back the next day. I...
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    Help!!!MBA grad going down for last count.lol

    The article is short and it contains only 2 numbers. It's not sufficient. Also comparing with '09 is not going to be promising for MBA aspirants. The job market in '08-'09 was at the bottom. Furthermore there is another twist. Number of MBA's is rising gradually year by year. Assuming the...
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    7 programming languages on the rise

    erlang looks interesting for distributed p2p infra ... http://www.erlang.org/faq/introduction.html
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    Algo trading

    Time series and statistical arbitrage is taught by Rob Almgren at NYU-Courant as well. Some of the materials are available online. http://cims.nyu.edu/~almgren/timeseries/ From the curriculum, the class may include only a small portion of algorithmic trading.
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    5 Quick Ways to Bankrupt Yourself

    You have an interesting office :). I have a good friend that didn't take this risk and I am sure he is not in the 10%. As already said here, the risk is large. If a person has a 100k steady pay job, in this job market, it's a gamble to throw it away. Of course, they can be successful, but what...
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    What laptop do you have?

    I've had a T60 since early '08. When I replace it, I will go for another thinkpad ...
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    MIT MFin MIT Master of Finance Employment Statistics?

    A lot of conviction about this offer. It sounds like your next "religion". I don't want to bring you down, but no program can guarantee work, job market is unpredictibile. If MIT Finance accepts 50 people and they have to look for jobs in 2008, do you think it's a formality to find one? Let's be...
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    Would you buy a Green card ($50k), H1B visa ($10K)?

    Not so easy as in the past. Furthermore even if all is smooth, it still takes 1 year. I don't see any issue with the idea. In fact at the moment there is a similar option. If you invest at least $500k in some business here, then you get the green-card automatically. The discussion is really...
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    Programming for Dummies: Dissastisfied, Some Wall Street Technologists Flee for Start-Up Life

    Interesting article. It is subjective, of course it cannot be a precise, general analysis of technical working environment on Wall Street. It contains good points. For instance, he is correct that most software engineering work on Wall Street involves systems integration. He is also correct...
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    P = NP Solved?