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Advanced investment banking solutions for trading book review and risk calculations

Discussion in 'Events' started by Ivan Makarov, 6/1/17.

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    HPE Industry Webinar Series
    June 21 | 2 P.M. BST | 3 P.M. CET

    How to achieve regulatory compliance and get competitive advantage with real-time analytics: advanced investment banking solutions for trading book review and risk calculations

    With an increasing burden of regulations like FRTB and real-time requirements of risk posture calculation in a high volume high velocity data world, financial service institutions need to process 10x data and much faster!

    In contradiction with batch oriented Big Data platforms, business users expect tools that boost their productivity and enhance decision making: slice and dice aggregations, interactive calculations and what-if analysis to ensure that traders and risk controllers can see the impact of a potential deal on the fly.

    HPE and ActiveViam have partnered to bring the performance of In-Memory Computing at the scale of Big Data, a "secret weapon" to deliver operational analytics.

    Join us on June 21 to hear how HPE and ActiveViam can give your business a competitive advantage with faster informed decision making. Hear about our recent customer success monitors and learn how to manage risk exposure in real time to support your business’s expansion. And finally get a sneak peek behind the curtain of HPE Labs to learn how Memory Driven Computing will accelerate your decision making even further with blazingly fast Monte Carlo.

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