advice in finding a work

Hello everybody,

I'm 34 year old and Im a new resident in Canada. I want to apply to a Quantative analyst or risk analyst job

I had a Computer engineering bachelor from top Grand ecole in Morocco (duration of 5 years in Morocco) My Grade is 13/20 (Gpa 3.5) 2010
i had a msc in mathematics from Sorbonne university Paris 2017 (Advanced probabilities, Langevin dynamics, finite element, PDE, Stochastic calculus, etc) My grade is 14.5/20 GPA=3.7
i had a msc in mathematics from Franche-Comte university France 2019 (PDE, advanced PDE, Functional analysis, master thesis) My Grade is 16.2/20 GPA=3.9
i had a msc in mathematics from Aix-marseille university 2020 (PDE, Numerical Pde, Statitsitcs, Kinetic equations, Stochastic Calculus,master thesis) My Grade is 16/20 GPA=3.9

My experience is 9 years as a computer engineer mostly coding with Java/Jee.( i was a web engineer for the first 4 years afterward i got promoted to a higher position no related to IT dept so i didnt code since that time)

i was studying mathematics because i was interested in mathematical relativity and i wanted to do a phd in that field, but now as i see that i dont need a supervisor for me to do research as i really had great understanding of the einstein equation, black holes formation, Boltzman equations and variational methods, i want to find a job in Canada as im jobless right now and i dont know how to find a job.
Any help is appreciated, thank you