All 2018 MFE Applicants thread

Andy Nguyen

Hi all,
There are various threads of applicants to different programs so I thought it's a good idea to get to know everyone who is applying for Fall/Spring 2018 admission to any MFE/Math Finance/Quant programs.
Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another. We may become future classmates or coworkers in a year or two.
It's also crucial that we start networking right before school starts and these early connections will be critical during your whole career. I know that I still keep in touch with my classmates that I got to know over 10 years ago.

Feel free to add more info to the format below

Programs applying to:
Target program:
Career goals:

Jose Cespedes

C++ Student
Hi Andy!

Great initiative. Although you didn't introduce yourself :). I reckon that most people here know about you and your background since you have been in here forever, but for example I only know that you founded QuantNet, and that's about it.

Background: B.S. Industrial Engineering from non-ranked LatAm school, B.B.A Finance from top 100 US school, 8 years work exp (6yr Fixed Income, 1yr Entrepreneurial, 1yr Engineering, rest banking/internships), CFA Level 2 Candidate

Programs applying to: All are pending to respond, except those noted: NYU MathFin, Columbia MathFin (accepted), Boston MathFin (waitlisted), Fordham MSQF (interviewed), NYU MFE, Columbia MFE (interviewed), MIT MFin (accepted), Stevens MFE (accepted), UCLA MFE (accepted), USC MFE, Princeton MFIN (rejected), UMD MSQF (accepted), Johns Hopkins MathFin (accepted). -I applied to too many programs because I panicked when I got a poor GRE quant score and had to schedule a re-take but submit my applications prior to knowing the newer score that I was going to attain. If I knew my latest score before applying I would have applied to about 6-8 programs instead of 13 -

Target program: MIT, Columbia, NYU & UCLA

Career goals: Continue career path in Central Banking, if plateau reached by very late 30s then migrate to a Supranational (IFC, IDB, WB) and/or eventually to an Asset or Wealth management role. Quant roles always desired throughout my career (primary preference risk) but rarely interested in full blown Quant Dev. Teaching initially at the undergrad level is a huge career goal and will start doing so once I am finished with my master's and then throughout the rest of my career (eventually open to teaching at the grad level). PhD an option in the future, not a priority right now.

Hobbies/Interests: Music (listening, producing, attending concerts, playing), Basketball, Gaming, Traveling, Fine Dining, Teaching
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