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MIT MFin All about the Interview


Dear all,

This is the first time I'm creating a thread, so not sure how responsive the quantnet members are, but I'm hoping in the affirmative.. :)
I received an Interview invite from MIT and was hoping if I could get some feedback from people who have already given their interview with MIT.
First off, do you guys suggest that I go for the Skype or the Phone interview- As both are feasible for me, I was wondering what would be best from a student perspective??
Secondly, I'd be super glad if you guys could please take the time and share the questions that have been asked @ the interview. Behavioral, technical... I'd be real grateful if everyone could participate in this conversation. I wanted to gauge the level of difficulty...
Lastly, any personal suggestions are most welcomed...
Thanks in advance!!



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I booked a phone interview for 29th.. Well, you must hurry up coz d phone slots are pretty less in count :)

From what I gathered on another thread, its mostly behavioral


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Absolutely go for Skype, unless you think you're a very weak candidate and pray that you can hide that behind a phone.

The questions are entirely behavioral.


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If who ever got an interview share ur profile (background info) with us ( atleast update the tracker)I would b super glad. It might b useful for future applicants like me