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Chicago MSFM Any comment on the 15-month program


Is there any comment on the Uchi Fin Math program? As the director is changed, I wonder there is some improvement. I personally likes to be in Chicago for the trading companies. How is the career placement for this program?
Thanks in advance!



There aren't enough reviews on QN about this program. I'd really appreciate if alumni and current students can pitch in their views about the program in terms of quality and industry's perception.

Been reading 2010-2011 threads on QN about this program and man it is bone chilling! Would really appreciate if reviews are posted about the revamped program after the new director took over.



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Is this program really that bad?
I got an admit with 30% scholarship ,now instead of feeling happy, I feel worse because of reading all the past reviews.
I know this may not be another CMU,but come on it is still Chicago.
The reviews make it seem like it bottom of the barrel college
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this year, Uchicago is more expensive due to 5 quarter program.
it is prob risky to go there. you dont know how they will change. i am mostly concerned about the recruiters' opinions.
if you dont have other offers, you may as well just go there.


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I have been thinking, if the recruiters do not recruit from UChicago, where do they recruit from? IIT? UIUC? Undergrads?

They might complain about Chicago, but still take the students nevertheless. It would be nice to have some better information about job placement.


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Honestly, I think the program will be fantastic. Chicago is a trading hub and the university's MSFM program is tied in with practitioners through their project labs (on their website), as well as lecturers/professors coming from the industry. I would also love to see some recruitment stats, but hey, snooping on LinkedIn isn't so bad either... looks pretty impressive to me.