best quant career path for ex-fundamental analyst


Just a bit on my background - I studied liberal arts in college, but have always been good at math (though did not take much coursework in college). after graduation, I worked for an elite M&A firm for 2 years and then worked at a long/short hedge fund as an traditional fundamental analyst. I have had a successful career doing this, but a lot of me has wanted to go to grad school to study math or financial engineering rather than get an MBA. I know this is weird and will require me to take a year or so to do pre-reqs, but it's just an option I am considering so bear with me.

If I pursued this path, what quant roles might I one day be a good fit for given my unique background? For example, it's possible I would be better at uncovering fundamental signals since I was formerly looked at that the "old fashioned way." That said, I don't know what firms or what job titles would be relevant for this skill set. I know this is unusual, but any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.