Books recommended for brainteasers?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for books that will prepare me for any brainteaser question that might appear during a job interview? I'm looking into IB/Prop Trading/Quant research/Quant trading sort of jobs, so if anyone has any advice on what books I should look into that will help me ace the interview, I would greatly appreciate it!
Top be honest I havent read that one, but compared to Joshi, heard on the street and the Gilles Pages (popular French interview book), cracking the quant is
-More selective questions, in the sense that these 51 questions were actually asked in 2019/2020
-Having 51 selected questions allows the reader to plan a 1 week study for an interview
-The solutions are clearer than joshi or heard on the street, and for many questions we have included the elegant and the brute force way to solve the problem
How do you think this compares to the top 150 quant interview questions
I like the book and if you have used any of the Baruch books it’s very similar. Baruch mfe have very strong recruiting experience and the books are made accordingly. I like it better then the green book tbh just simpler and conscience