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Boston university MSMF vs Rutgers MQF

Hi guys
I've got an acceptance from Boston university and rutgers for fall 2019.
I would like some help deciding between the two.
Is the location of Rutgers and it's proximity to New York something which I should seriously consider?
I'm really confused between the two programs and other than the rankings on quantnet I couldn't find much information.
Thank you
Both don’t seem to be the best, but I would go with Boston University. Doing a quick LinkedIn search for Rutgers gives you horrible results. As for BU students, they may not be landing the best jobs but they were landing jobs in the financial industry. BU also has 97% employment rate and seems like the better school to me.
BU has quality education, the environment, etc. I think BU is better, I have taken few classes there, and I know their quality of education is superb.