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Hello, I have been accepted to the BU MSMF program and I would like some opinions on whether this program is worth its money. (60k or so)

I have an undergraduate degree in Econ (good statistics - math - finance courses, no programming)
I am not from the US, will I have fair chances in finding a quant - finance related job in the US after graduating BU?


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I know that the program has changed dramatically since 3 years ago, is there a recent graduate to provide some insight on this subject?


I spoke to a graduate of 2011 that has a similar profile to mine (mexican with BS in Applied Mathematics). She told me that she got a job offer from the company she did her internship at, but rejected the offer as she wanted to come back to Mexico.


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BU MSMF Exec Dir
This is the BUMF Exec Director here. We had five students join Chicago-based prop trading firms and these firms have very low starting salaries, but give the students a percentage of PnL. Thus, salaries seem low, however compensation, with a good trading book, can be substantial.