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Career and Education guidance

I am currently working in a financial services firm in Canada as a IT business analyst for the past 7 years

I completed my MBA in Canada and CFA level 2

My Bachelors is in Electronics and Instrumentation engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India. After completing my BE, I joined a IT firm in India and worked there for 7 years. My work experience includes working in USA for 2 year in IT analyst role

Overall I have 14+ years of experience in financial service firm working mainly in IT business analyst role

Please can you let me know whether I can shift to Quants career now. Whether I can apply for Masters of Financial Engineering or Mathematics in Finance programs in USA. Whether completing the MFE program may help me land in either US investment banking/hedge funds?

I had studied C++ during undergraduate. My job is mainly based in SQL.

I learned Statistics courses during MBA program and mathematics courses in Engineering. I am interested in taking refresher courses in C++, Math's prior to joining the MFE programs.
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