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Career switch, advice needed

Some background about myself: I'm a core dev doing ML + blockchain at a major US IB, in my mid-20s, based in Singapore. I've got a bachelor in Math+CS from a university in Singapore. I recently got an offer from a quantum ML trading fintech. Financially it's backed by an HF (decent size, AUM > $2bn) who are looking to utilize the algo that this company will be building, and the partners from that HF are the board member of this company. The CEO has another company that's doing autonomous car and has passed series A. It's a more quant research type of role, focusing on building trading system using more stats and quantum ML/RL, and according to one of the HF partner, they know that this is gonna take time as we're building the system from scratch, and they are looking at 2~3 years at lease before the system starts to generate revenue. They have got a few pretty good researchers already (ex-IBM quantum computing guy, and RL expert from the CEO's autonomous car company). Pay wise, I got an increase. So I resigned. Then my current organization gave me a counter-offer of higher base pay + relocation to NYC, and plus they say that if I want to join other teams within the bank they will try to make it happen.

Other than the money, I think I like the new job a lot better. Mostly because I felt that the things I am going to work on is very exciting, and has a lot of potentials. Also, it gives me exposure into the HF and quant world. When I first got the offer I was literally too excited that I couldn't sleep for days. And I will be the first few to join the firm, so I'll be building this new system from the core.

But on the other hand, I've already got a lot of goodwill from senior management in my current organization, both in SG and US. Also, I might be able to join some quant team within the bank, as the management really want to keep me in the bank. Plus, I really want to live and work in another country, especially the US for a while.

Should I go for the counter-offer for the relocation + upward trending career path within the current org or stay in SG for the exciting job?