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Chicago MSFM Chicago MSFM (Singapore campus)


I noticed that Chicago MSFM program has pushed back their application deadline for the Singapore campus a 2nd time (It was initially 15 Dec'11, then 15 Mar'12 and now 31 May'12). As such, I am contemplating putting in an application before the end of the month.

However, Chicago's MSFM program (Singapore campus) has little to no information out there. It does not seemed to be discussed or commented on anywhere on the net.

Therefore, if there are any alumni out there, can you guys speak about your experience in the program? In particular, how have placements been? Does Chicago's MSFM program carry much weight amongst employers (such as US and European banks) in Singapore?


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It's interesting that they pushed it back again. I had a theory that there were outstanding candidates who attended the prep course (module 1 ended late April) and wanted a stab at admissions, so they extended the deadlines to accommodate.

Why don't you call up the local admissions team about placement? (Try Sam Auyeung @ sam.auyeung@uchicago.edu) We'll all appreciate it if you posted your findings too.



double shot
Most people in the prep course have applied and have gotten or are waiting for offers. One who has not applied is applying for next year's intake.

The pushing back of the deadline is consistent from last year at least. It might be because they practise rolling admissions for the Singapore program.


fewkb :
Thanks for the email contact. Will drop them an email.

jakecoke :
Are you in the PREP course? What is the class size of the PREP course?
Reason for asking being...
In the last few years, the class size of the MSFM program (Singapore campus) has been between 25-30. I suspect that for this year, they are going to significantly increase enrollment numbers! This is to ensure continued interest in the PREP course (Singapore location)...I mean, no one is going to enroll for the PREP course next year if they know that it ain't going to improve their chances of admission.


double shot
There are about 9 students + 2 remote students for Module 1. There may be more who don't attend classes. Time will tell if your observation is correct.

I know at least 1 is intending to only apply for next year, and 1 already has an offer prior to starting the prep course. A majority of the remaining are applying for part-time studies.