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Columbia MAFN Questions

1. Can someone (preferably an alumnus) speak about the program in recent years? I haven't seen much specific information on the curriculum. For example, one of the core courses is the Practitioner's seminar. How onerous is this course?

2. If one were to consider pursuing a PhD after the masters (with a more academic eye) then would the rigor of MAFN and the theoretical nature, which some see as a downside for job recruiting, be an upside?
1. Program has many new electives added recently but its main courses are still heavy on math, we have a new career counselor who is very helpful in recruiting but ultimately it is up to you to be prepared enough to pass the interviews for internships/jobs. I am taking the course right now, many different speakers that current work in the financial industry come in and speak about topics related to what they do. This year had people from AQR, JPM, BOA etc. No midterms but attendance is required and there's some light homework too.
2. Most people go to this program to get their foot into the industry. There were a few people each year that do pursue PHD after the program.