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Columbia MSFE Columbia MSFE Financial Economics 2023

Financial Economics Program by Columbia Business School
I created this thread as I couldn't find one on this year's round of application. Is there any other applicant for this program? Have you guys received any update regarding the interviews? I haven't heard anything from them since I submitted my application. I was wondering whether I just didn't get an interview or invitations are not sent just yet.

I read on last year's thread invitations were sent on the last week of Feb to early March, but the one in 2021 was sent in mid Feb.
In the same situation here, crickets ever since I sent my app - anxiously waiting! Indeed, based on past years’ threads, I like to believe that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect something in the next week or so
I did not know about this program, but after reading its webpage it looks quite nice!

good luck guys!
Check your application status. I think most of the interviews have been wrapped up around 2/19.
I have received my offer as of 2/24.
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