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Compare Columbia MSOR vs UChicago MSFM

I choose...

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Was admitted in Columbia MSOR, UW CFRM, BU.
Waiting for UChicago MSFM, UCLA MFE.

I would like to choose from Columbia MSOR and UChicago MSFM, and potentially UCLA MFE. I know there's a lot of criticism about both.
Comment about the location, the program, the reputation, and most importantly, career.
Which do you prefer and how would you suggest?
Thanks in advance.
When you vote, please leave a comment, so that I know what aspect are you most focusing on! Thanks.
Hi guys, is there a thread where I can find the applicant profiles for UChicago MSFM accepted candidates? I would like to get an idea of a standard applicant before deciding to apply there.