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Compile Errors != Linker Errors, BTW why do I get Linker errors?

Dear DD,
I am having difficulties to compile and execute your program ExcelHelloWorld, could you please update the import directives

This is my environment
Windows10 + MS Visual Studio Community 2015
Out of curiosity, from where did you download this (outdated) ExcelHelloWorld program?
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I would like concrete questions and feedback please. I can't help if you don't tell me if you have carried out my earlier advice.
At the beginning of a class an MIT teacher wrote in the upper right corner of the blackboard: "there are no silly questions but lazy ones". You are right ! I should do the rest of the homework by myself

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Useful technique for named variables using Boost Parameter library

OptionData myOption((OptionParams::strike = 100.0, OptionParams::expiration = 1.0, OptionParams::volatility = 0.2,
                        OptionParams::dividend = 0.03, OptionParams::optionType = 1, OptionParams::interestRate = 0.06));